Focusing on Medicaid, Medicare and Managed Care, HUBCO provides clients with in-depth analysis needed to succeed in the ever-changing industry. Providing clients with up-to-the-date industry news, as well as strategies for rate maximization, HUBCO's consulting services are not only trusted, but comprehensive and effective.

Services Include:

* Medicaid & Medicare Cost Reporting

* Medicaid & Medicare Rate and Audit


* Managed Care Contract Review

* Budget Forecasting

* Special Programs Review, Analysis

& Development

* Case Mix Reimbursement Strategies

* Quality Assurance Review and


* Efficiency Analysis

The Financial Management Division provides clients with financial packages that Administrators and Management can use to assess the efficiency and profitability of their facility. Our services range from basic financial reporting to overseeing an entire business office. We will work with your staff to provide the comprehensive reports and tools you need to help meet your goals. In addition to financial packages, we provide account overviews to ensure proper coding for maximum cost reimbursement, profitability analysis, budget construction, projections, and cost saving recommendations. Additionally, we can assist with HUD compliance, preparation for yearly audits, cost report documentation, and provider assessment calculations. Let us help improve the efficiency of your business office and provide you with the financial tools and information you need to succeed.

Financial Reporting

HUBCO has a full-service Billing Department providing clients with comprehensive patient billing. We ensure that claims are filed timely and accurately, avoiding delays in payment and maximizing your cash flow. Our experienced billing team has worked with many of the most popular healthcare management software, eliminating any transitional delays. Additionally, we can help to collect prior outstanding receivables, boosting cash flow even further. We are available to answer questions, as well as provide you with an accurate aging report. Additionally, we can assist and/or prepare your Medicare bad debt logs to ensure maximum settlements.

Client Billing



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With heightened regulatory compliance enforcement and the ever-changing reimbursement structure, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your facility is efficient. Explore our services to see how we can help you meet and exceed your goals.